• Queen Victoria Chaise Longue

    started life as a 3.6 tonne block of ‘Watts Cliff’ Sandstone
    before being carved into a luxurious outdoor seat. The piece is full of
    intricate detailing – buttons, fabric folds, a book casually cast aside
    by its reader and has been further personlised for the client.
  • Coromandel Seating Group

    A 'soft, leathery' seating

    This seating group consists of two seats and one sofa.
    Carved from granite it has the look and feel of leather and is incredibly comfortable.
    Each piece is carved from one piece of stone and is combined with brushed stainless steel legs.
    These classic pieces can be ordered and come with or without armrests as desired.

  • Sandy Lane Lettering

    This lettering in relief was carved from Coral Stone in Barbados. I undertook
    extensive work in the material for this nine-month project. I pioneered the 
    carving of the local coral stone; the level of complexity and intricacy achieved
    in this material has never been seen before.
  • Private commission in Barbados, Coral Stone Pineapples, Monkeys and Tables

  • Fairytale Stone

    'The Whimsical Garden Table', Australia.

    Carved in Bandanoon Sandstone. It features characters from
    'The Wind in the Willows' and scenes from 'A Midsummer-Night's Dream'

  • Elephants

    These elephants form part of a fireplace surround and are carved in Coral Stone.
    Each one is approximately 45cm x 86cm in height.


Private Commissions made to order, the only limit is your imagination

Beautifully crafted bespoke pieces are made to order. Please contact me to discuss your ideas.

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